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broke out as an epizootic in the Rhenish countries and in France ;
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Mr. Coulson has been elected to serve the office of
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exudations, etc., in almost pure culture, might be explained on the sup-
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of the individual. Upon the special group of glands that
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discovered at the autopsy of a woman, aged thirty eight,
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ate to the inflammation of the mouth nor actual quantity of the mine-
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investigators and that toxins, chiefly extracellular, are produced in
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lism and Absorption"; then, "Experimental Ajipendici-
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point of a general practitioner, who sees these cases
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thoroughly after a complete condition of obstruction.
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by the skin ; and horn cells, similar in every respect to those of
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above the old Eicts' houses, Dr and Mrs Cran retired in old age.
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beginning with Ptolemy Soter, who reigned over Egypt
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myelitis, its portion of maximum intensity being a space
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cases the skin over the infiltrated area bursts, and after prolonged
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compact, lightweight, portable "Simpli-Trol" model Electro-
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ance, pale or sallow complexion, and rapid, small, compressible
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SOLHWERF. b CXXXVII. ScOTpiuTUS or heliotropion. Heliotropion
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and the fire, and being asked the name of the window, he was greatly puzzled^
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just behind the anterior pillars of the fornix. The choroid plexus
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or anamnesic data in the individual cases can be re-
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formed, will contract small-pox if exposed to its contagium.
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and late assistant, Dr. Walter Tate. The little operation is
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coming in contact with each other for a considerable space.
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