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We identified certain risk factors for the development

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The in((r))aroxysmal symptoms are motor, sensory, and visceral.

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the children who were afiFected. She left the employ of the A's September 25,

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tom. At first it Avas not easy to exclude peritonitis.

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When walking, staggers at times, and cannot lie on either side without pain.

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This is not the time to attempt an exhaustive analysis of th'e

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some constitutional condition, which it is difficult to explain,

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bodies in the eye, with most gratifying results. The correctness of

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decided in the same region. The symptoms of onset may be practically

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compression (e.g., over an osseous plane), the alterna-

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she called at my house, and expressed her firm determination

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ether or chloroform. Its effect is continuous, and exerted both when

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Thus we have at length obtained a method which has enabled us to

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When I saw him he experienced no ill effects from the

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cular and most profusely supplied with nerves, which

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Some advise purgatives, but they are better avoided, and on the other

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incision 16 cm. long, beginning 4 cm. above the sym-

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suffering over a year from sciatica. His ailment was

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elective version would be in the case of a pelvis whose true con-

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bodies as representing various stages of the development of a myce-

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lates in the blood the usual method is to inoculate a guinea pig with

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College. He reported in January, 1832, having administered it

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others where the same condition existed and called attention especially

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admitting of a cure had passed away. Early diagnosis

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processes pass into the epithelium, some of them nearly reaching

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unsuitable diet; similarly, suitable clothes and unsuitable; well

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the periphery and pass inwardly but do not reach the center.

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lated to afford complete relief from the original disease. The

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be freely supplied. To what extent oxygen in excess of the

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distinguish between the different forms in which the disease manifests

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of fourteen, and went on regularly until January, 1872. From that time,

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does not, is a theory that may well shake our faith in the moral and mental

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and told how the Scottish kings used to spend their Christmas in