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a New Method. By Ernest F. Tucker, M. D. [Reprinted
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' Proceedmijs, 1913-14, vii, p. 170 ; 1914-15, viii, p. 38,
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without the experimental evidence I shall quote, one would have
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they did not die early of croup or hydrocephalus. These are not only
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differs from that of other forms of retinitis in which
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Fig. 19. 76 days. An unusually marked affection of both the ulna and radius.
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embarrassment while trying to ascertain the proper remedy,
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organisms of malaria and of trypanosomiasis, of Texas fever and east
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decks, according to their number. Stanchions are perma-
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the histories of 3,000 .soldier.s of the German Army who were
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39. Richards, A. N., and Wood, W. G., /. PharmacoL and Exp. Therap., 1914-15,
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could transmit T. lewisi from infected to clean rats, and although
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associated with a yellowish or sallow tint, and with more or less oedema,