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indebted for the cases to Drs. Fischer, Grant, Gwyer, Kammerer, Kiliani,

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tion of blood, has been distinguished as apoplexia sanguinia vel gravis.

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Brunn, A. von. — Sinnesorgane in Handbuch der Anatomic des Menschen. (Von

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5.— Arthur reports a case of puerperal sepsis in which

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instances they are peculiarly absent, while in others

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left tracheobronchial lymph-nodes, that is, the group situated in the obtuse angle

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129th MSMA Annual Convention were asked to provide,

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measles, chickenpox, whooping-cough, and mumps. It may occur in epidemic

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ing in the Second District, at Greenville, with a very good attend-

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in tea, especially in green tea ; and in others tobacco-smoking has a like

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of homicidal violence. (See case, p. 404.) The difficulties at criminal trials

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latter. The former treatment is certain, the latter not.

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the point of exit on the inside of the arm was about one inch higher