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Case 2. — The next case was that of a girl twenty-two years of age. She

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over; heart sounds scarcely audible; pulse 136, with tension almost lost.

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lutely certain that your partner in premarital sex does not

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in which the anodal closure has resulted in contraction of the muscles

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according to a newspaper report, the expenses for four

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the spacing above and below is quite even. Either the space

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United States Patent November 11, 1902. Canadian Patent December 9, 1902.

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Weaver, W. J., Asheville (Hon.); Jeff. Med. Coll., 1898; U.N.C. 1897 1903

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years old, who had Paget's disease of thirty-five years' duration, and his

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" I have for two months and more been in better health than

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Dr. Charles Forbes, after a lengthy chemical trial of organic liquid

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Camp Normoyle, four miles west of Camp Travis, were affected

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from such a committee along with the specific public healtb concerns identified and their potential remedies.

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the professional medical assistant. The ASMA has dedicated

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of which, in all cases not to be reached directly by rational pro-

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he had removed from a girl of seventeen, who, six years before,

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in it with great rapidity. By examining microscopically

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of such a case, it seems to us, calls for the highest ex-

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results of greater practical value, and therefore possessing more im-

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fusion which exists in the terms used in the various hos-

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ago he met a man who had neuralgic symptoms during his wife's

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the credit, but I have been careful to use such prep-

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with a ten per cent, solution of cocaine, then scarified

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rotation occurs and the labour terminates naturally. In

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James Foulis, of Edinburgh, is one of the most valuable of recent con-

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siderably in individual districts. Thus, in not less

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opposition to reason and fact, is novel, and may be prodi-