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acid poisoning, has been demonstrated. In any event, an acid reaction of

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as to the amount required, certainty of action, and that certain un-

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cent. If sugar be present to any considerable extent, a

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from 5.10 to 6 feet in height, and 22 from 5.8 to 5.10. The tallest was

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breathe gently, and speak softly : we were all astonished to the last

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themselves. Even then an acquaintance with them is of secondary im-

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temperature was A. M., 101 degrees; P. M., 102 to 102^ degrees.

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when Dr. Charlotte Baker was elected president, to succeed Dr. P. C. Remondino.

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When the progress of the disease is fiivorable, the coagula, whidi

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medicine when no insight is given into the development, succession,

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and inferences cannot well be comprehended. For the pre-

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functions of the corpuscular element of the blood, as is

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City Hospital, and will be administered in a manner

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Guy's Hosp. Gaz., Lond. ,1898. xii, 33(i-338.— Tachard (E.)

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testimony as to the nature or probable effect of an in-

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the first ten years of age out of the 673 deaths which were

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round." In my letter, as printed, the word "doliL-hocephalic" is used

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M. M. T., aged forty-two years, merchant, consulted me on

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with friction, blood-stains may of course be easily effaced by any cold alkaline

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At first some benefit seemed to be derived from tlie treat-

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this circumstance cannot be considered an exception to the