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Another preventative may be had by drinking plenty of

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what we know of periostitis, it is not surprising, as VtrcAov aplli

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Children, notes a well-marked example in a child of eight years, " where a

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through which the apex appears as a sharp red point, being the measure of the

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en, defended the use of ether, while Bergmann declared

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air is a luxury, or in any case where the punishment is frequently

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salts of the alkaline earths — especially calcium and magnesium. These

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On the other hand, in protracted cases and during convalescence the blood

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are copious offensive perspirations ; but although the temperature

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the whole period of its existence, so long as there is any discharge or

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albuminous food nor by large doses cS alkalies, as in hyperchkniiydria oif

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to oxygen— to caloric or to electricity. Among the hypotheses

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sidering the fact that she was then four months pregnant,

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which bears the title, " a few words to the profes-

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Eoint li inches behind the bony meatus and one-third inch

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was outshone by his brilliant reputation as a bold and

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was evidently not a great sufferer, or so self-conscious

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done in the same manner. The dura must be freed all round

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Transfusion of Blood. — At a late meeting of the Obstet-

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ease of the splanchnic nerve following a primary af-

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it had been obtained ; the supposition, therefore, seemed fair that,

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castration, especially if animal bleeds freely at the time. For

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cxiii, 232-238. — ZiiiiiMeriiiann. Nnnveanx elements ii

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mixture of venous and arterial blood be obviated. 7. Is there

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examinations, or of interfering with any step made by our

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Practical and Operative Surgery in Sir Patrick Dun's Hospital ;

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perpetual night to bask in bright beams of celestial light. Turn