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and Victoria, Toronto ; Queen's, Kingston ; Western, Ontario ;

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were the first to call attention to it. The generally received

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Btudents, when firsl studying individual diseases, than to imagine them-

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no history of diarrhea before entering the hospital. The child developed

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mistaken tor Bmidl-]Joi, the diagnosis may usnally be easily Riade by

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full speed and meeting an obstruction, he was thrown for-

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This straight rod is for the purpose of carrying the tube, which

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glands being the larger, and they appear to be inflammatory in nature.

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attended with a high fever, cerebral symptoms, intense headache and

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in the distant arteries ; but if the aorta were converted into a large

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the bowels. I do not believe that a wound of the small bowel will

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success from "gavage," you must begin the treatment

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the gelatin will not diffuse through the membrane, but, owing

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the antitoxine, and 39.6 per cent among cases treated with the antitoxine.

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American Mercury . So I said, "I don't really think

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vertebra. The skull was apparently normal. Microscopic-

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organ through w T hich mind operates; and it seems, therefore,

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Lymphoma is intended to cover the hyperplasias left after cer-

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M virus in the general definition of tuberculosis repre-

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quiry, consisting of the faculty and presided over by himself,

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t Diseases of the Heart, Vol. I, p. ยป3 (Ed. of G. S. Davis,

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ing an excess of free alkali. (3) The water should be used as hot as

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Very much study has been given to the subject of the

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pyrogallol ointment, one half to one dram to one ounce, for a

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occupying a professorship in a German university. In his

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medical societies, is ethically unobjectionable, but 1

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day after day and visit after visit; and have as often

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importance of the factors which concur in the general aim of nutrition, or still

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as renal amyloid was suspected. At the autopsy there was found not

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time at childbirth. Dr. Duckworth's second patient mentioned that it came on

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in last week's issue. It says that not one of the 346

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circulating fibrin monomer strongly suggests DIC. Fibrin

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but rather are diminished in thickness. This variety of dilatation