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the text of this article. Of 5833 cases of diphtheria treated with serum, tracheotomy was per-
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can often be seen. The caseous substance may become dry and calcified, or
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cessfully treated by Dr. Love's method by himself, also two
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There is nearly always a localized bluish-red erythema
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tive appendicitis, followed by septic symptoms, which
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movements of the bowels are numerous and attended by severe pain.
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usually at the base, but, in most cases, having its maximum a little below the
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are presumed to be the cause of the disease and not merely secondary
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tion that the acute cases are not necessarily the most favorable.
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middle, with three-fourths of an inch separation of the
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but never terminal. This organism could always be demonstrated in smears,
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prostates were not cancerous. Greene and sinus infection, or may be responsible for
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same serum was now administered. The seat of the injection was the
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duties, to take charce of the office of the Medical Director
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the thighs and legs, but the enlargement is chiefly confined to
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