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fatally after a week's illness there was found reddish serum between the
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more or less remote from the seat of actual lesion. This is a dynamical
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emn presence of old Dr. John Mines, listening to some
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details of carbohydrate metabolism, the relation of the glucose
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Commissioner hopes eventually to dispose of the entire
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the quantity of blood in parts being considered as due, measurably, to
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clock bore tlie following inscription: — "Presented to W.
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been developing and not until very recently has the doctor become aware of them.
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mode of classification, as indeed now all attempts at definite arrangement, is not
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walked at twelve months. From that time onward pro-
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in heart-disease, this is of importance, a large amount of pigments being
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tumours which are covered with fine proliferations and
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to be interdependent. The thyroid becomes spinal cord is hypcremic. In the author's
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amending a few errors and omissions which must inevitably be
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here, however, the indication is present only in the selected case.
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creases the number of red blood corpuscles and thus improves nutri-
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of this kind are not imfrequently met with in the duodenum, and in many
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to them, must be paid to the Treasurer of the Society. It
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lous element, but that she had a pulmonary abscess, and he sent her
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there was no paralysis of the face or of the extremities. Two and
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He was an able, well-qualified physician and surgeon and a gallant gentleman ;
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was then completely closed. The day following the operation
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on in conventual and educational institutions, and in
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freedom of action of neighbours is not prejudiced, is a condition essential to
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tion is desired. For the pain and nerve disease, if any
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winter the same ; at all parts of the world, at the tropics and
Pobbnrr« a. a., 44St, San Francisco, Med. Dept. Univ. Pennsylvania, June 7, 1894.
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In an hour or two he was relieved in his general feelings.
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patient should be kept quiet, the bladder and bowels attended
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the abhorrence with which its violation is regarded. The connection of