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pulmonary congestion or consohdation ; anorexia, thirst, nausea or sick-

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Upon a review of the whole case Mr. Salter comes to the

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rain ; violent and even devastating winds are not unknown ; in

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been found in the bladder post mortem, and it has also

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part. Two patients in this study were not sure if they

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exciting causes are, taking cold, emotions, such as anger, grief, care, anxi-

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Smith, Kline & French Laboratories of Philadelphia

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of the Danube, malaria is not infrequently found. It is almost never

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dilated, and presenting some slight appearance of mental derangement, which

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attempt at closure. If the bowel be friable and sutures do not hold, as

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was reopened carefully by a probe, and a tent introduced, a large quantity

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overcome when I have the necessary help to carry out the

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bilication is always present. The cases at the State Colored College

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glands, and the coats of the lymphatic tubes are thinner here than else-

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tion, those parts which are soluble in water are absorbed, and those

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among quadrupeds. The infection in man begins with a general

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the fluid the patient passes at any time is its real

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retarded in its flow upwards and so the dropsy was produced.

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Rarely there is diarrhoea, which may or may not be associated with

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One-twelfth grain in pill-form at bed-time. — Conkling.

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admit an accuracy of dosage not otherwise obtainable, and unless the physician

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ing to the skin about the eyes had closed them tight.

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this keratometer in the diagnosis of astigmatism can

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dose of the arsenical solution varied from gtt. i. to gtt.

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•Quinin in solution, as it must be in the blood, absorbs

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tericidal properties; (3) select a fluid culture medium,

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stallion defective in blood is not so probable to get a racer,

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Moreover, though it be no credit, he had caught the style of the

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food at first was 1 liter of milk per day with orange juice, later a

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Mecklenbui'g are gone, the majority of the men left are not rich men,

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110 and 111, scaly eruptions, accustomed to fade partially

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cPark, William H.: The great bacterial contamination of the milk of cities, can

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tion from surgeons than diseases of the gall bladder

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It appears that the use of wine, and of malt liquors, fosters the

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follicle very wide and filled with a mass of cells resulting from