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unfavourable change might be attributed to the closed ports and
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proximity to the lower jaw the growth tends to become adherent to the
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blood, to be excreted either by the liver, skin, or intestinal canal.
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from the urine, in cases of granular kidney, it is usually the morning urine
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IMay 2, in Mauritius, 3 plague cases occurred and 2 deaths.
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of the pulse from 120 down to 6S beats. I now ordered
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ushered in by a striking instance. " l^o case of diphtheria had ever been
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to infection of the lungs. Laryngeal phthisis is most common
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appear which are cartilaginous in appearance. They are due
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dwelling-house within their district has not such supply within a reasonable
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of humerus dislocated beneath the spine of the scapula ;
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out 99 per cent, of the patients will make an uninterrupted re-
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erysipelas ; and in cattle, quarter-ill, " deer and cattle disease,"
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nitrites or nitrates, but as agents destructive to the
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3 to 5 days after the last x-ray exposure (3 days in Experiment 1,
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observed in post -epileptiform paralysis. This condition, known as
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Causes. The one cause, without which the disease cannot occur, is
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pons and the white matter of the cerebrum. Sometimes we may
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unconscious. She was waiting his return, and at last, tired out, laid herself on
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such resistance to external force as would prevent the limbs from being easily
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liable to increase during menstruation. Normal men-
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kaline application is not quite clear. The effects arc
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character of the work performed by the American (•(tllal)()rators
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dense capsule with adhesions to the iris, though with a plus 8 spherical
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The conditions under which the inquiry has been made may be
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of the higher animals. Not^a little of the attractiveness of
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recently the only conclusive evidence of syphilitic infection in any
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affects the face, forming thick yellow crusts, and may be (like the dry
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oldest medical journal that is circulated in the West, and
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Wiseman remarks on the " Monument in Westminster of the young