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identical with those seen in other forms of meningitis. Ptosis is not infre-

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of the academic year to meritorious students of one year's standing.

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times be of some service. In motor aphasia we may give lessons, just as to

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Zonja Wallen-Lawrence, Ph.D., Research Instructor in Biochemistry.

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Statistics. These examinations take place in Apnl and October,

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d. Extensive, numerous, or repulsij^e scabs, nodules* blisters, ulcers, ^.vounas,

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senior students of the Infirmary. The Leeds Public Dispensary, the

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Franck and Pitres) have proved that electrical irritation of the motor regions

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Operations (three winters) — ... 2. 0... — ... — ... — ... 2.

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which are so common in spinal atrophies, are almost invariably absent. (&)

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lation fees rajcj from 15s. (sizar) to £15 10s. (nobleman). The terminal

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7. Eaising the lower lip (M. levator menti, N. facialis).

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gratuitous posts. The examination is held in August, in which

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for clinical work in the University hospitals, but not before registration in Rush Medical

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Congenital hydrocephalus is often associated with other peculiarities or

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to a definite spot in the floor of the fourth ventricle or by section of the vagus

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452. Zoological Problems. — Research. At Woods Hole. C.-3Cs. Summer, Staff.

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The treatment, not only of the seizure but of the persistent paralysis,

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Hospital attached to which contains at least eighty beds, and in

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ticket for a full course of lectures, or tickets for one or more of the

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(spinal metamerism). The former have already been depicted. It is claimed

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Microscope; 2. Surgical Pathology, including Ophthalmology, Theory

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ever, be largely influenced by his pecuniary resources, industry and

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All candidates for the degree of Doctor of Medicine are required to complete a mini-

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':5) Soeclal notes on use of table I (Limited Verification):

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year ; perpetual, £10. Lectures on Dental Surgery, £2 2s. ; Lecturea

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