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of a few other cases. broken his wife from the use of morphine.

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hum of voices quite precluded the chance of its being heard.

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kidney. His object was to ascertain whether they were

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them to be so, and I think they are quite able to defend

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prentice of the Surgeon- General, a young man of a powerfully athletic

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the demand. So far as my observation has extended, it does not imme-

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This being the case, it has seemed to the homoeopathists of

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patient now improved so satisfactorily that on the 18th,

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ward symptoms of pilocarpine .♦ Alexandrofff used the solution in

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Rec, Jan. 4, 1901). It first appeared in the forehead

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hence vomiting becomes a symptom of the passage of a stone

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jected to the salutary " essiccatoio " (drying-oven) in con-

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sults in a severe, “overcorrected” flatfoot deformity.

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The imitators all say, "It is something like Listerine. "

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A tablespoonful to be taken every three or four hours.

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the accumulation, and that the bulging is therefore at the sides rather than

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Her past medical history was unremarkable except for

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ing, the temperature was but little above normal, and the child

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