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of the focus. They are often difficult and at times impossible to diag-

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fatal collapse may follow. Relapses are not uncommon.

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" One of the most valuable contributions ever made to medical literature. K is, so far

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spinal muscular atrophy by the presence of spastic symptoms; from

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Jntussusceptw7i usually gives a negative previous history. The sud-

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rection of the anemia and the gastro-intestinal disorders if any exist.

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cases often lead to adhesive peritonitis^ — a circumstance that strength-


from the operation. The state of the patient must be well considered.

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the variable position of the murmur and the variable size of the heart.

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Frank C. Richardson, M.D., Medical Director, Evans Memorial.

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for operation after a case has progressed to the beginning of abscess-

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lished by the American Association of Clinical Research. This describes

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eral ventricles. Occasionally also bands of organized lymph may cross

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at least four neurons. Notice that at the point where the energy passes

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food. During the spasm bromids or chloroform-inhalations seem to give

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scarlet fever, typhoid fever, erysipelas, small-pox, chorea, tuberculosis,

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the fresh air for as long a time as possible during the day.

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In cases where the inflammation has been more severe than

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pessary upon the organ for so long a time. I absolutely disagree

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This condition presents no morbid lesions. The increased contrac-

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wanted to go further, a lumbar puncture would greatly aid. The skya-

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sloAv, forcible, and heaving, the "thrust" lifting the fingers of the ex-

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The latter states that he has " given this drug in larger doses than were

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cipitation of calcic material on the cementum (or roots of the

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Posterior dulness begins lower than normally. It must be recollected

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But the bushwhackers did not decide the Civil War; nor will medical

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pation, or diarrhea. In slow cases the local and general symptoms are