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are faults of omission rather than of commission, and

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decided, notwithstanding his age (forty years), to devote himself entirely

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toms of collapse, pinched facies and finally cramps —

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where both fail. The above name has been given to a tablet and

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fractured ribs. The autopsy showed complete transposi-

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The subject has been carefully investigated by a commission

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that it is a dead heavy painful blow, although still the injury may

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W. Tiirk makes use of the following diluting fluids: glacial acetic acid, 3 cc.;

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diagnosis of cancer of the liver. That diagnosis must rest upon a

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for many years. But it must be remembered that in cases of encapsulated

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enlarged and granular, with incipient division of their nuclei ;

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made to new growths of the lungs, from which it is practically inseparable.

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established, but still the fever and the reaction are always fairly acute.

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physical exploration, generally render the diagnosis sufficiently easy and

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mention the condition more or less accurately. The question of

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inflammations of the throat; gumma-like lesions in the muscles; peri-

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to time in chlorinated water. When dry, it was as thick as very stout writing

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dissected out, returned into the abdominal cavity, and

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be entirely clear and the interpretation of which must rest with the

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Department whether his attention had been directed to

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work of last Session. The Cattle Plague is stayed : the Man

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of a certain degree of cholangitis is practically con-

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scapular space. No nlles were heard postoriorh', but

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the bones of syphilitics. A short time ago I saw a woman with a

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thought we might cure. As to Aseptolin, I believe there is nothing in it for

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can be effectively employed in this stage, and to determine the measures most

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to the utmost a thoroughly efficient system of examination in the Uni-

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doses of quinine, because there we have not the same resisting powers

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apart from haemorrhage. In these cases the uterus was found

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author has some capital remarks on the circumstances of a