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talents of others by the expression of their countenances.

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claiming to have obtained the first prize medal at the International Exhibitions — the last of which was at Paris in 1867, while

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of recta fixed with Flemming's fluid, stained with iron-ha?matoxylin,

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hepatic dropsies, an asthenic form of dropsy frequent amongst sailors, and not

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thing of the International Medical Congress. This is a pleasure which might

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Dr. King : " Is it inconsistent that there should be two

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most common site. In our Summer Congress Museum two interesting

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relief by gastro-enterostomy. This was done, and the patient

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this effect — "That Materia Medica shall include a bot^Jjical

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cussion the stroke should be light, short, and elastic, produced by

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a feeling of permanent heat. The pulse is fiill, and frequent, the tem-

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Naval Hospital, Philadelphia, and ordered to the Re-

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might be as Well or even better met by removal home or

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every thing possible to check same by the free use of sterilized water,

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ception of medical principles, whenever opportunity pre-

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President." Few medical officers knew that they were

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will be observed from the prolonged confinement in bed.

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he explained the difficulty to Mr. Oldham, who at once remedied it by cutting

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bodies in the polymorphonuclear leukocytes from scarlatinal blood prior to

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an important case by Mr. Bickersteth, and, more re-

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The immediate or exciting causes are very numerous. Strong

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A. Castle, M.D.. 102 East Fifty-seventh Street (CWre-

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to his fellows in sharing with them the results of his own

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purpose, and in the same way, a warm saturated solution

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delimited at its upper margin, is often present. In the meningomyelitis of

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normal ; the left presented a hydronephrosis, and on closer examination

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ber of deaths, 64. In order to prevent the hospital at

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canal tamponed into the opening made, and the auricle

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Army in the Tropics" which won for its writer, Cap-

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testifies to their injurious effects, and Prof. Chapman affirmed, that the evils of using

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drainage of course ceases. Some fluid does certainly come

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The regular meeting of the society was the hall of