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State of Connecticut’s Immunization Advisory Council,

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aid the stitches temporarily in supporting the organ. Antisep-

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should be promptly removed from the ward and all crumbs and

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The writer has for some years been using a division into six main

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cates, five per cent, by coroners, and only three per cent, with-

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oedema of the upper part of the septum. In these cases the oedema seemed

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the joint is practically without normal movement. The

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M. Bouchardat cites the example of the chiftbnniers who

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many in conventions and with the pen are eloquently urging the

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paralysis, and such a condition is always attended with anxiety. Death

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eminent alnlity and painstaking assiduity render his

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patient diagnosed and appropriately treated. If all pa-

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forme remittente bilieuse, observee sur lui-nK■Ml(^ et traitee

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makes his final selection by bringing the urinary sedi-

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adt instead of retarding it. The treatment can only be palliative and

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cation now offered, is designed to convey such informa-

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indefinitely prolonged. The albumin may diminish after some weeks or

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the records show 1,557, an increase of 300 members, and pari paussu,

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In cases in which this coincidence is lacking, the splitting and redup-

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,il! tlu'-c >.-.i>c-, Miint.' tiftffii ill initiiber, tlic oiim.'! nt tlii- .in'_;rv

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pneumonia (Foulerton), pyemia, the exanthemata, etc. Isolated

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employed in addition to local measures. With cod-liver oil and iodide of iron,

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baths and packs were largely used. A graduated bath

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a bantam hen which evidently had an ovarian infection, since two of her eggs

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• HCFA has revised §414.46 to clarify the policy

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were frequent, for there was no immunity, but, on the

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That same evening I brought Dr. Jeanes the long coveted

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"The blind left eye of a man thirty-seven years old was soft,

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natural history, we shall content ourselves at present with this general

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trogenous vegetables; thus, spoiled beans were responsible for an out-

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tiiin in llie I'alildl. Oplitli. Kev., Lond., 1K98, xvii. 287-296.—