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scanty. The intermenstrual intervals alter, usually becoming more and
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poultice, flaxseed tea or cream of tartar lemonade, as well as
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examinations. Only graduates of Class A medical colleges are acceptable to
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fluctuation. The face was puffed and oedematous. Charcoal and linseed poul-
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often made by pulmonary, pleural and pericardial diseases.
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tance and practical interest. The case I have related differed
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1 oz., laudanum 1 oz., in a pint of linseed-tea; at first twice,
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"A man came to me for treatment complaining of headache, vertigo,
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control of marriages impossible. Judge White believed
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gent solution against the os ? We certainly could never expect to be
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tion in smear preparations large numbers of parasites may be
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especial relation of excess of fibrin and cardiac thrombosis in
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but when they took place into the middle lobe one woi^d
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observation, both at home and abroad, and from the concurrent testi-
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Exclusively in the Interests of the Medical Profession
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M ON DAY- FR I DAY 8-5 PM a nd SATU RDAY 8- 1 2 NOON
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vomiting returned accompanied by fever. The tempera-
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R. Rasur. ligni guaiac, rad. sarsapar. fissae, aa Si.; coq. in aq. fontan.
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normal systolic is taken as 100 per cent. ) The same
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William Duncan McNally, A.B., M.D., Assistant Clinical Professor of Medicine
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suitable cases. A good portable apparatus for the galvanic and
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■ multij'lr .Iiui -(.'liiiii- whuikI- : (1) Lett tiliia and tibtiia i<adK
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In measuring an individual, see that the muscles of
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morning, February 7th, Dr. Charles Cooper, of near South Park, being
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for misconduct since October 11, 1899 ; number of days each
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not that some boards even resist inquiries made by sanitary commissions or by
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to give Charles his greatest enjoyment and this can be
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Case II. — Tetanus occurring on the fifteenth day after Severe