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Lancet to the contrary notwithstanding, and that they
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tance in some cases of breech presentation, the question to be
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little hesitation in their diagnosis by an expert, judgment must
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yourself." He took his father's advice. He has never rued it.
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ciation 1 and elsewhere, 2 fully and repeatedly described the physical
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groups of cases a few years apart and if one had had
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Dr. Jacob Frank, of Chicago, read a paper on Vesico-
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the virtues. The dose is 5 to 10 grains of the powder,
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in the earlier part of the seventeenth century, " rich in praise
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rit <i«g<iS««5 hac in parte defectus, ostendunt multorum morborum
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capsule : (1) Pericapsulitis, or cellular infiltration, and tissue formation occurring
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robust and full-blooded, as in weak, anremic and scrofulous persons.
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early effects are to redden the face, flush the cheeks,
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of the nervous system was not the cause of death. In
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phthisis. The syrup or fluid extract of wild cherry is one of the
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glands such as the thymus and thyroid, and spleen, and by the use of
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Annual Surveillance Report, 3 1 Dec. 1993. Connecticut Department
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rent from hypertrophy of the muscular fibres. This was so great in some
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from ;the pens of Dr. Gillespie, Dr. ]N"ewbigging, Dr. Andrew
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Hospital, where he came under my charge. When I first saw him
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203. To Painful Piles, where there is much swelling
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chloral. The ether acts well in the early stage of labor, sometimes,
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and that you very often have complications, pneumonia, and so forth,
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rapidly, and the patient died eleven months after the operation. Necropsy
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not because of any action on the liver, but because they increase elimi-
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not constant, and not associat.od with enlargement of
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confident would obviate fully, one-half of the fatal
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anaemic murmurs. The arterial murmur is present in only a certain pro-