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most universally used of all dressing materials in general

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TiDT-, C. Mevmott, M.B., CM., has been appointed AssisUmt Lecturer

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These preparations are for sale in all leading drug stores in every

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tion has shown a virginal condition of all the tissues, and the fact is

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When there is heavy wind from the north-east the water is

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of years ; and, lastly, the identity of the visceral manifestations."

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(5) In the rare instances of the involvement of the

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tion. It may be disregarded if the ear is draining freely

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characteristic of that disease, but the patient was able to perform

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cocaine solution by mistake. I now have the cocaine solutions

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a rabbit survived a dose of two c.c, Guinea pigs were also very susceptible,

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child showed infection shortly after birth there had been an accident to the placenta

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(1) Carcinoma of the Pylorus. — In carcinoma of the pylorus the physical

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undue stress being thrown upon the nervous system. For this purpose a

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2 " Skiascopy, with a Description of an Apparatus for its Ready

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times is, by persistent cough, expectoration, loss of color

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associated as they may often be with dense adhesions, are in my

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ception of medical principles, whenever opportunity pre-

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EDUCATION Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, Troy, NY, B.S.

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The operation confirmed this diagnosis. In the other

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spine is by no means always on the opposite side from

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nearly every department. We found the professors uniformly enthus-

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from the back of the neck by cupping. Brisk cathartics may

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