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207. ASHTON. — The Treatment of Placenta Prjevia.

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Diagnosis with aid of the Microscope. Removal of Both Tumors with the Uterus. N.

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Dr. Tliomas T. Smiley, at the U. S. Geuer;il Hospital, Hilton Head, Port R jyal, S. 0. ; and Dr. D. W. Cheever,

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The chemical constituents of bile are — 1st, Biliverdine, — a green,

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production, especially that it is regularly augmented on a diet rich in

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(1 5%). rash (13%). asthenia (12%) In addition, the following

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lobe of the left lung. Ordered quinin, morphin, and the inhalation of carbolic add spray.

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aneurysm occurring in various regions of the body. A man,

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bodies of the various domesticated animals domiciled

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ounces. The lioemorrhage from the tumor having been checked

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retina by means of a revolving disc, " the resultant color appears precisely

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