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small ring-sloughs of cellular tissue which can be provocative

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The tachycardiac paroxysm, in his opinion, is likewise

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I have ventured to denominate " the perforating ulcer of the caecum." In

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merely by self-abuse. Upon the person of both parties, and,

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eminent Surgeons, has been left out in the cold. But there is

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ened. The same is true of pleural effusion, oppressing the heart, and if

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inguinal hernia, and he would also like to know the extent

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time having a greater secretory ability. In other words, these new-

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The following succinct account of the epidemic affection commonly called

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rheumatic patient we should employ anti-rheumatic remedies internally ; in

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< From the Medical Clinic and the Pathological Laboratorj ol

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(3) Deficient fat. (4) Deficient phosphorus. — ^It was Schaumann's idea that the

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May olst. The above medicine was discontinued, and he took an ounce of

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! treme care — that is, if the solution is boiled in an

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neuritis appears in the course of the disease. Death generally results

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body. The greatest care is necessary to perform the opera-

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altogether by immersion in spirit. The last point to which Dr. Richardson

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rendered unnecessary by rapidly raising the general

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cases of sarcoma and seventeen cases of carcinoma by

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sive plaster and allow it to remain twenty-four hours. Re-

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Academy of Pediatrics Work Group on Breastfeeding and a founding

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As the case progresses, the tongue becomes fiery red, and ulcerates,

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from one side and become free to assume other relations,

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On motion, tli m of the Secretary, relative to the sale of back

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involves neither injury to the student, nor disadvantage to the

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able. Electric Cars from Fountain Square, Cincinnati, to Sanitarum entrance.

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Journ.," March 20, 1897 ; 9" Practitioner," March, 1897; '°"Brit. Med.

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formities will be relieved or cured. (10) The tendency to