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sioners met, also the board of health. I appeared before the board of
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injured ureter is better than removing the kidney, be-
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Physical signs —Heart. — Visible area of impulse increased ;
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the great majority of cases of varioloid. Finally, traces of vesides io
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tracts; and it is interesting to observe that whereas many tissues, like
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of these two nations had even tinctured their scientific opinions.
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same phenomena. The conclusion was therefore reached
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Nervenkrankheiten, 1876, vol. vii. p. 238. — 22. Idem. Virchoio's Archiv, 1877,
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Czerny, of destroying the growth by means of arsenious acid may be
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the galvano-cautery afforded the best means of relief.
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movement, and the left is apt to swell on attempting to work.
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psychical treatment either by the laryngologist or psychologist.
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them is not always easy. Subcutaneous naevi are always of congenital
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4th. It is modified by external agents, both in the solids and
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siilo periostea, ossia nuovo nietodo per la rescissione delle
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cases, especially if there is much secretion which has
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The determination of the seat and cause of the bleeding may be easy.
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most probably chancroidal, although she denied ever
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ciency, because in prolonging diastole it allows more time
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my own office for the first time on Sunday, April Loth, for opening a felon, and
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swaUawed — I will not say eaten, but swallowed, bolted at least — by our
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the highest of all animals, is quite helpless at birth. No animal
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jority of medical men persist in blindly following a regular routine that
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of dift'erent species, and among diflerent individuals of
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r^ard as of the nature of tumours, and the fibrous growth invading the
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tributed nothing ; the recent outbreaks have taken place under circum-
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the author on account of hoarseness. Tracheal buzzing was present in