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in tlie perivascular sheaths. Meynert thinks these ap-

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menos, which is a force but not an organ. Of all these only thumos,

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durated, firmly matting together mucous membrane and

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tions of the Cervical Xerves Brachial Plexus Affections of the

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which no one can undertake unless qualified by experience, and a correct

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body, with the mesentery made tense. The fingers are

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and Gamaleia show that the fluid now contains no micro-

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anatomy and ph}'siology of the organ. He then offered

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an inflammation more or less intense of the surrounding

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saine manner. But if a sense of heaviness still remain in the head, it must be

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The result was an outbreak of intermittent fever, wliich

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from acute inflammation is the same here as in other situations, viz., an

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and constipation. April 10th, pulse varies from 124 to 153, no delirium;

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The etiological factors are those of acute or gradual dilatation. The

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warm embrocations (txirpentine stupes) to the abdo-

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torted. Kromayer thinks that this alteration is merely artificially

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ton examined were taken from the bladder, that celebrated

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oscillating light energy physically capable of greater pene-

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blood itself; and, indeed, it is by some such effect on the actual mass,

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The new Holt Professor of Physiology in University College, Liverpool,

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The Buffalo Medical Journal, by way of keeping up with

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Dispensatory, and who was beyond the allurement of the telephone or automobile.

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enoe of the Medical School at Salerno, — a period of nearly

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viewed in a recent issue of the Nation. The subject in question

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point of fracture, entrance evidently right anterior surface of thorax. July 12,

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be found, into the 9th, 8th, 7th, and 6th spaces in turn; if necessary,

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Latent Sinusitis in Children. (Abstract) ... ... ... ..." 228