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prior left oophorectomy for endometriosis, bilateral
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(Durham, North Yorkshire, Abertillery, etc.). In both countries a
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extent to have caused extensive adhesions of both lungs in
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and by the German Commission in 63 per cent, of the cases of abdominal
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almost absolutely — advising only rest in a recumbent posture, with cold applica-
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not the case in diffuse myelitis, which strikes indifferently the various parts
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"That the first traces of the primordial stock whence man has proceeded,
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swelled eyelids returned, and it was stopped. A fortnight later,
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the fifteen years, as compared with a reduced rate in 1865 of
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the autopsy, four years later, revealed the lesion, as a localized softening in
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pulse, no and feeble; respiration, 24. The urine is
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confusing. This is not so in this work ; for instance, the illustration of
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iessional associations at home, and much good will be (be
and cells are not affected, but the sensory apparatus is at first rendered more
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endemic, a remittent or intermittent may at any stage of its progress
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tests was due to defects of the external auditory canal and hearing,
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intrigued by Dr. Nordland’s second case as it illustrates
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sure at a little distance from the joint gave some security as to the
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and federal elections and are subject to the prohibitions and limitations of the Federal Election Act.
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position but was allowed to sit up in bed and used the bed-rest for
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anaemic murmurs. The arterial murmur is present in only a certain pro-
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same was true of cardiac affections. Renal complications in-
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lous element, but that she had a pulmonary abscess, and he sent her
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rhage, scarlet fever, diphtheria, tonsillitis, syphilis
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with warm water, the nmbilicus being tightly plugged, and the patient re-
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A remedy which I have not infrequently seen applied to a patient
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climb stairs independently, and to navigate one’s envi-
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viewed that point in a paper on "Railroad Injuries," read
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before their ingestion. J. Am. M, Ass., Chicago, 1898,
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• stimulates appetite, effects better utilization
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The following causes, amongst others, have been cited : trauma, mental
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Society adjourned to meet the last Tuesday in Feb. 1896.
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gallic acid may be administered, in these cases, in doses of from
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Israel,* of Berlin, has been successful in removing an echinococcus cyst
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in the ' Medical Gazette ' (vol. 25, p. 1 lu). In some instances the symptoms