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method Lord Westbury attempted to prove in the House of
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if possible to correct them before subjecting his patient
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and villages in which it was prevalent. On a consideration of all
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this trial medical witnesses testified that he had re-
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the body and also to appreciate their contributory part in
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I applied cold and gave morphin until the pupils were
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sible for croupous pneumonia. There is generally some
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and a history of the process, together with additional remarks, may not
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. Thoracentesis by means of a small trocar, with the aid of suction, the
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accurate means of investigation, it is unsafe upon the gross
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pression of stimuli. Now the capacity or disposition to acquire
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line of cicatrix being under the chin is scarcely perceived.
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The author lias in this work presented the subject of pathology in a
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ihe colon tttcillcs. The fever pctjcess is like a mild attack of
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Verletzungen bei der Entstehung dieser Ge.schwiilste.
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Table 2. — Diagnoses, obstructed sites, and outcome
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Grant, Assistant-Surgeon N. J., to be Surgeon Bengal Army.
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and how rarely have such symptoms been mentioned in cases of softoi-
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the kidney, sometimes the stomach, liver or spleen. In
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deviation of one of the lines of sight from the object
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quires the school districts to provide educational op-
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tioiis (HH'Ui-red. eitlicr ini<^lit he llic lii«^lier.
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to certain portions of the brain. Hypera^mia more or less circumscribed,
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depends. The hospital trainingof the male nurse is probably
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derived from these alleged changes in various organs, that the
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the history of the two cases here detailed without having brought to mind
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most probably chancroidal, although she denied ever
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lower the head by inversion, perform gentle artificial respiration, knead the pre-
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1. Corns and Callosities consist of a local hypertrophy of the epider-