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1-5. In Neurosurgical Classics. Robert HI Wilkins ed.;

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The child was a male and still-born ; the skin was peeling off in

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tained numerous shreds and filaments, and gave a distinct albumin

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frequent nocturnal awakenings and/or early morning awakening; in patients with recurring

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these calculate death-rates with reference to the total num-

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not show signs of abating after the serum and other treatment

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don-n, The pupils, however, dilate even in thb mitd fom

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A. West, of Galveston, " that there is no evidence to

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oesophagus. It must, however, be admitted that the act of

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are exaggerated, except in the rare tabetic form; in Friedreich's ataxia

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what agrees and what disagrees with it ; and everybo<ly knows exactly

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of disease by filth. So far as the author refers to the

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method of treatment. But it is an indisp-'^able fact

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pest. 1899, 58-61. — Slier (S. B.) Meskolko slov o skia-

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four times a day, and increase gradually up to 15 grains four

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in which pure and exact science is much more apt to leave him in

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is the thing ; why, it's alive ! " In this exclamation the thought-

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Therapeutics, Pathology, Neurology, Obstetrics and Gynaecology

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cough in utero. " The Air," continues the editor, " is the Medium of

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Complications and Sequels. — The complications are not numerous

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is conspicuous. In still other cases the chief pathologic characteristic is an

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grade, but occasionally it is quite severe. A loss of 500,000 to

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It is at first red, and is accompanied by much heat and itching.

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Lobar Pneumonia. — This is the form usually spoken of as

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and after a lapse of forty-eight hours without a chill

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quently bathe the nose in boiled boracic lotion, which take^

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undergo enlargement and the thyroid to atrophy. As he says.