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The tests to distinguish poisonous from non-poisonous

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nell Medical School, New York. Third edition, reset. Oc-

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fore eating — a practice which is always hurtful, because it distends the

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States, though in the years 1885 and 1886 Russia was visited by an

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liver oil and whiskey. Slush the system with it, and let

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It is in no man's power to accurately prognosticate any sepsis

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circulation embarrassed, the skin pale or marbled or cyanotic, the res-

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be given to them regularly ; it has a positive value as a diuretic in this

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change ; later they may undergo calcification or proceed to abscess-for-

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applies to inanimate bodies, however*, and is only applicable to the

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pearing with mild symptoms; on the other hand, cases sometimes persist

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Fraenkel diplococcus is an important factor in the production of crou-

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being torn.* Especially in obese persons such bleeding may be fatal.

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drates, a very fattening morsel. Sweet potatoes have protein

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shall never get them woi-ked nut "; sn I shut the cittiic and went to

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of skin-eruptions (eczema, etc.). These serve as doors of entrance for

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tages of a thoroughly equipped institution, without being deprived of the

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Lesions of the Larynx. — The larynx is frequently the seat of tuber-

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use of ice both to the thyroid gland and precordium, together with

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clinical medicine, but this case opens up an interesting subject,

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water applications in health, as ascertained by reliable laboratory ex-

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others rather late, while in the worst types death often occurs before de-

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Tn rill' ]ilcural cavity of eight cases there was fluid in most of

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ice or iced champagne and small doses of cocain, morphin, or dilute

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the hands of others, as the practice has done in his own hands. The

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urinary elimination. He has the patient rubbed with a sheet wrung

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Immersion into very hot baths produced effects similar to hot com-

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culosis. The others he inoculated with a liquid obtained by

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pneumococcus engenders a virus — pneumotoxin — which produces eleva-

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improving, despite the steadily unfavorable progress of the disease, and,

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that these are the points of election is shown by the fact that healed