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alcohol, on account of some mental perturbation, or fright, acci-
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latter must, whenever free, change with the posture of the patient ;
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observed. The temjjerature is high, and its curve is somewhat typical
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of mobile kidney, according to the degree of displacement, as follows :
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all periods from the time of birth until after puberty.
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curs when the head is at rest. The only portion of the trapezius that
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of which Heller's and the guaiac tests for blood-pigment may be
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separately or in conjunction — viz. (1) hydromyelia, a dilatation of the
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Attention should be called to the causes of the so-called " primary idio-
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sary in a patient and allow the patient to escape us. I think it is
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roots of the same side will be found atrophied, and the muscles wasted,
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cortex of the kidney in the form of small nodular masses, which in some
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others, (a) Salivation and stomatitis from the therapeutic use of mer-
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clei. The muscle-structure throughout looks pale, is turbid, and very
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urine. This may arise from a number of causes. Frequently it is the
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to the nature and quantity of the casts also may be determined the cha-
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ment into the stomach. Though seemingly anemic, the patient's blood
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a case of acute poisoning. The toxic material acts both poAverfully and
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racter and radiates along the nerve. It is intensified by all movements
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tosis, albumen, inhibition of hemolysis and agglutination of ery-
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be the only difference between this condition and an attack oi grand mat.
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cerebral embolism, small emboli being detached from the aortic area and
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in the nerves. Mechanic excitability of the muscles is considerably
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in rachitic subjects. An attack may also be induced in those predisposed
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above described. The temperature is usually subnormal (except in the
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state that osteology is the foundation of anatomy. Just why this par-
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acquired lesions in children may be assisted by a reference to certain
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tient to adopt measures that will obviate the occurrence of valvular
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DaCosta, M. D., Professor of Practice of Surgery and Clinical Surgery,
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When the stenosis is due to ideeration following the passage of gall-
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these are by no means trust"^orthy. The points gained by careful,
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into the internal veins, appear engorged ; from the same cause edema
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moderate compression of the lung may, hoAvever, give rise to a modified