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On examination of the reflexes the knee-jerk is found greatly ex-
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ing the tub(!S by the opposing current is a matter of uncer-
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cases will depend upon the interest of the patient,
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and fish, boiled cabbage, and in general any article of
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"A Case of Extra-uterine Pregnancy," by Dr. B. F. Baer, of
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present themselves as sporadic and epidemic. In this field of interest-
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duced by macerations obtained from the originally infected meat.
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tleman's house. On arriving there, ho learned that two sur-
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axiom, that disease of the larger nervous masses, as the
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cult to control, and as I feared that a delay might
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milk ; set the mixture on the fire in a double saucepan, the
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characters of a specific disease. Its invasion, widespread extension,
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I am sure there is some swelling under each ear. When I talk the
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who could have had no intercourse whatever with the patient above men-
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chlorid solution or one of the alkaline coal-tar creosotes. The water-
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most common cause of hemorrhage in the general population
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and those concerned with the adoption of the inoculation as a measure
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several months on duty, having had no return of the disease since he was
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ferent cases: sometimes as soon as the food is swallowed; some-
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pelvis. The peritonitis was not severe. Six weeks after
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than the tse-tse. What holds good for T. evansi and
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[etc.]. 8°. Stuttgart, 1896. — E^oinbroso (Cesare) &
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poral arteries, soon accompanied by a rather severe
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you this brief history of the accident for the reason that will appear
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Wounds." Remove bandage twice a da3% and syringe out with
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would drop off to sleep, but always awoke about 3 a.m., and did
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sketch of its history, tracing it back to die occult science of
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marking." In the present edition the text has been amplified to
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lay aside squirrels which subsequently proved infected. The value
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WHS no evidence of any abdominal lesion. I was inclined to think
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before the patient is told that he or she may resume routine
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considerable disability in swallowing. Foodstuffs thus obtain access to the
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extensor communis digitorum. The artery is found deeply seated,
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application of flying blisters over the region of the heart, the epigas-
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was appointed a member of the Iowa State Board of Medical Examiners