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intense chill and the familiar systemic derangement.
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general rule, however, the obovate appearance of the head viewed from above,
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The part of the doctor should not consist alone in curing diseases. It
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removed in twenty-five hours by extension of the spine. But every patho-
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one side of the face, and the pupils were alternately dilated and contracted.
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The child wore an intubation tube during foiu* days, and then went home.
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of a capsule of connective tissue. It may subsequently become infiltrated
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operation which lifts the bone. About as common are
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Physicians who by age, sex, physical defect or citizen-
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quickly after the emission. For, otherwise, it is a bad sign, as for in-
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septic material is inoculated into the system as in malignant pus-
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If the honor and opportunities offered by the medical profession to its
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small a portion be suddenly crushed, the heart stops directly."
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Treatment of Erysipelas with the Quarz Lamp. — Konig
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is laid on normal or abnormal gastric function. In case normal
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Dr. WILLIAM CLARK may be consulted at his Infirmary, ..Afo*. 80 and 8%,
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The majority, even of my professional brethren, may perhaps continue
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partly with gentian-violet, and swarms of sphrero- or
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Similar cases have, also been reported by Dr. Paris ; by Bertini,
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is no doubt applicable to the patients of Scarpa in the early part of his
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addressed to the pei-sons who unadvisedly, if inno-
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geon to remove their appendages. In cases where act-