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operation was certainly not indicated, but as we had no way of ascer-
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portion to the rise of temperature than in many other acute diseases.
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one — is that, tlirough loss of its watery particles, the
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appears to be tedious, although I doubt much, that, on an
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third of the surgical, in-patient, practice of the Hospital.
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gienic treatment — by confinement to bed in a darkened and quiet
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up in the daytime as to shut out all the blue sky of life, and in the hours
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tympanitic, the pulse feeble, quick, and frequent, no passage from the bowels.
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not, as Poynton and Paine have shown, produce the effects which
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symptoms and diseases which precede, accompany, or follow febrile and
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An emphysematous lung feeb remarkably soft to the touch, like a
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** It is an often-observed fact that the child of a feeble
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ol jaundice, h»s put '"aneuiism" instead of "concussion" of the
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Annual contracts which provide for funeral expenses for the per-
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There was no pain or inconvenience felt, except what
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form — are of the most aggravated character^ and the patient perishes over-
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purpose of reaching that point which would place the
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normal relation and mode of arrangement is destroyed (epithelioma,
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infantile diarrhoea, we can at least imderstand the tmfortunate results
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measures." In Europe the practice of physic, according to
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to be corrected by changing the plane and relationship of the
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Let us take one of the commonest examples of ekzema,
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till the right effect is obtained. The mixture improves with
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upon you." Third Edition. Revised. Price, 75 cents, postpaid.
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essential prerequisite to Stark IPs applicability has not
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the mechanical effect of iron, and that this mechanical effect
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quantities should not be used The ether injection may, in certain
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3. In 54.5 per cent, of persons, the left pupil, and
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Dr. Gibney said that photographs clearly presented the attitudes
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deaths from iiepatitis. " The post-mortem in each instance shows tiie cause of
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strated the natural sphincter guarding its outlet, the cseco-colic
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had contracted syphilis as a child from her nurse. An
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such expert assistance as may be necessary to prepare a com-
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stool, with or without scanty discharge ; violent pains in the distended
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Case 3. Double tubercular testes, ivith discharging sinuses :
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testifies to their injurious effects, and Prof. Chapman affirmed, that the evils of using
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placed upon it and finally all is fastened securely by
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of medicine as contrasted with surgery, and where drugs are useless
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the chronic form of the disease. Dr. Balfour, however, has
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to play to the grand sand to Strang e our ^^at adopted by E. A. Codman of Boston
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To obtain anything approaching this low level of protein