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danger. Hence, if the ascent be by stairs, the lock should be at the top
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for an explanation, these celestial creatures of his handiwork presided
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which they axe promptly and peririanently cured. There are cases of
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bellum in animals the oscillation of the head on any attempts at move-
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mulated matter, "dry dusting," violent shaking and rubbing of hand-
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and thin. The mitral and aortic valves showed a moderate degree
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which latter condition they assert to be an independent malady, and,
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the apyretic periods disappear. Here the height of the fever is
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every diagnostic mark of the disease was present, and it was
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that transmittal letters not containing the foregoing language signed by all
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the facts carefully in detail, and to know, if possible, the reason
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agreed upon : Only the descriptive and topographical anat-
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Effects. By Robert T. Cooper, M.D., T.C.D., Southampton.
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tered. From that hour, the patient begins to recover, and he
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taken to see that the malleoli and the skin over the heel
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Diamond, L. K., and Abelson, N. M.: The demonstration
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brought to Leopoldville (104°), and on the following day, July 19,
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to subsequent inoculation and to this may be due the fact that some rats are
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of the second week, and disappears in the course of the third week (Gubler).
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When the solidification has become sufficient in degree, and has extended
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betil., Budapest, 1898, xlii, 60; 73. — Hood (D. W. C.)
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entertained of the connection of erythema with rheumatic and gastric
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I, too, use colchicum in acute rheumatism, but not after this
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Indican present. A microscopical examination on 6th October
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points tiiere were deep, profusely suppurating ulcers,
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but on the contrary the accoucheur may, by suggestion, direct and
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in reference to stenosis that gradual dilatation is
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and fully one-half inch in width that had gone down into the malar
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Twelfth Annual Meeting of the National .Association for the Study