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wine, and did not appear to have the slightest suspicion of the trick
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administration of an anaesthetic, and the why and wherefore of the
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which, in the cases referred to,'(the late ones), the patient would be
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spleen, percussion of, 50; waxy degeneration <>f
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Physician to the Bryn Mawr Children's Hospital; Pennsyl-
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ered in detail, each showing different relations of organs
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sick for ten days, or a little longer, when I first saw her.
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also serves on the following committees: the Committee
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sanitaria, made the remark that in Hohenhoneff 37.2° C. (98.9° F.)
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were exposed to the chances of a first attack of small-pox, and were then liable
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Toledo is uncertain. Michael Scot was there in 12 17.
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the cases up to this time are so few, and the descriptions of them so
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relief. Drs. Nash and Wright were assisting me, and we
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tend even to hint at the number of vegetable purga-
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as specific as that of Oalcarea in the incurvation of the
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The Columns of T/n- Lancet sprout weekly with aspar-
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But since the murmur is the result of some alteration in a physio-
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pharyngeal tonsils, we have constantly present a surface of greater or
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Dr. Ashton's " Practice of Gynecology " is a new departure
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and muscular structiures, and letting the mucosa take care
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His convalescence was uneventful, and he left hospital less than
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abscess had perforated into the lung, and in which I had found amebse
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can be no longer seen. During this time the parasite
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554630; Feb. 11, 1890. — Keating (J. M. ) Exercising
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The elementary knowledge contained in slides over the floor while at play so that
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is a thing beyond our comprehension ; but he, like other
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neuralgia upon spinal caries or thoracic aneurism must not be
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ulation-structure. The formation of the new interstitial
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persuasion as to its scientific quality and, above all,
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is gone. And by omitting the ritual invocation the trans-
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side; pulse 130; respiration hurried, and abdominal; face much
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multiplied in, and spread around by, the intestinal evacuations of
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Influence of Inebriety on Public Health — This paper
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University of Basel, Switzerland, which was founded in