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cian in the case write me a letter, stating that he had a case of a certain

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brane ; hence it is almost characteristic of catarrh of the bile-ducts,

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the fungi. Various local fungus diseases of the skin, such as favus,

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viola ; mercurius, with kali bichromicum and phytolacca ;

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bronchial asthma. These phenomena are undoubtedly the direct result

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the last year, some of them are deserving of special mention.

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infectiousness reside in the power of the virus to develop within the liv-

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exceedingly weak on one side, and very strong and full on the other.

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my colleague, Dr. C. E. Hagner, who had charge of the case during my

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increase of symptoms at the menstrual period was noticed for

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only intelligent but honest. Recently in the trial of Prendergast certain ex-

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by any hand except that of the colourist. The photograph is

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1 893- Some Advances in the Early Care of the Ijtfant. 401

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cc of fluid have been withdrawn at one time with recovery. The

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among the inhabitants of the town, the disease was exclusively con-

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dangers arise. This may be prognosticated immediately, if there be continual

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ing to satisfy his mind. Of a gentle and kindly nature, he was con-

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It is aocompanied by marked delirium and great restlessness,

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be impossible. In intestinal obstruction, however, the distention

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it was supposed to be connected. Hence the barbarous and cruel treat-

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pressible, again small and hard. It is usually regular; the opposite

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pying the site of a wound, itself due to syphilitic contagion. — London Med.

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intervening evenings are devoted to the formal discus-

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ous duties which devolved upon him up almost to the last hour

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of these rules "as may seem to require elucidation in

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experience leads me to believe that they embody the entire class of cases that

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years. He told me that five years before the left testicle became

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was most apparent when the arms were allowed to hang

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sema. (2) Pneumothorax. (3) Pneumopericardium (rare).

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no further than that word ; at least he always recognized that

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duiing the period of onset, and some of those who are able to complain