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seems to have received a foundation in the latest anatomical researches.

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The law of the enterogenous theory of the origin of urobilin,

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33. Pro JD, Wells CE: The use of the electroencephalogram in the

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fracture of the olecranon, and possibly an injury of the

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daily ; those in which they recur at regular periods, as m<?s(jth┬░

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that the system be brought more speedily under its influence.

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of the whitish area is a mass of proliferating retinal tissue in which

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the foetal pulse was distinct, and the mother's con-

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at 1.30 P.M. She had been in labour all the previous

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tion. I was requested by Dr. Brady to see in consultation a boy aged 4

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possessed any exclusive power to deal in or sell drugs,"

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cular layer of the intestines. In some cases it goes

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prentice of the Surgeon- General, a young man of a powerfully athletic

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of simple tones, produces the swell of harmonious music.

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coalesce. The rings at the i)oint of contact become eflaced and the

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different in various groups ; so that the results of the bacteriologic

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slight ptyalism sometimes supervened but rather expedited

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:lo|)t in view of the probability that bacteria or closely

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embroidery, painting, studying languages whose text is intricate as German,

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question, What is the connection between rickets and this

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attended by paralysis of the left half of each retina, and

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an appliance for taking an enema, the harmful effects of

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treatment was generally accepted by the Section for

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passing a window or, better still, coming out the back

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vagina, or of the os uteri ? It was neither, for the

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like or cord-shaped worms, Nematelmia, constitute another arrange-