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large slug in the right wrist joint. When struck he whirled

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countries. He puts forward the theory that the di.sease

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left position, and vice versa. To corroborate this diagnosis, one should

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ures forming the arc of a circle, aseptic with an aseptic needle and

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timate friend. There had been marked hallucinations

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was good, but he had since operated twice upon the same pa-

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I could elicit crepitus. We put his arm under the X-ray and had no

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of the whitish area is a mass of proliferating retinal tissue in which

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over the entire body. It is most frequently described as a scarlatini-

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in patients who are severely depressed, or with latent depression or

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kind now under review had been in the hands of our hastily

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years, but it does not extend beyond or lead to a generalized morbid

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argin of the liver, or its upper margin, successively at the end of

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the glass there is a thick deposit, granular and yellowish in

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upon the application of ordinary skin lotions. The macules

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8. Finally, the diagnosis may be confirmed by manometric examination of the

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'ii'tucli *'»m«' retMuiim: nieinbrfine were ruptnn*d. wa*; iii>««'rvt'd.

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aorta being compressed by an aneurismal tumour connected with

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crossed pyramidal tracts in the upper part of the cord was met with, as

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to meet all eases, but surely many of the flagrant instances

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the tricuspid orifice. As there was no history of previous

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ticin passed over as a clear oil, which, when cooled, formed a white crystalline

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The degenerate system of coddling Plato strongly con-

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from observing clinically a comparatively limited number of cases of appendi-

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12.3), was equal to an average annual death-rate of 12.8 per 1,000

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flammation (!) of the stomach and duodenum, if really present, this could have

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structive. His book, which has been in course of pub-