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three shillings and sixpence, should be substituted
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now ; you will become better acquainted with them in due time.
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His observations lead to the result that mercurial treatment is
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of London, maintained that the waxy material is dealkalized
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Dr. Fricke's Report on the Hamburgh Hospital for the first
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poison — aid the system by all means to throw off
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certain group of cases can not satisfactorily work.
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may be had to massage, electricity, and tonic treatment.
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erted with more force when excited by the internal sensations,
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genesd Practitioner are that on "Gunshot Wound of the Brain,
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gradually become increased, though at first there is no obvious altera-
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Our IMiiladelpliia friends liave demonstrated, in flic
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iransmitted to the axilla, and the pulmonary second sound is
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especial relation of excess of fibrin and cardiac thrombosis in
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rienced nurse. Friends or relatives are seldom found capable of dis-
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ing matter of the blood, in extensive degeneration of the liver, where
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a hospital patient. There has been a combined emphasis oij work with
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Dr. Ray (closing the discussion) : I read a paper before this Society one
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)een cured by symptomatic and conservative treatment, that is, by nihilistic
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plete evacuation. A small portion only escaped, for the con-
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When the trunk muscles are involved their spontaneous contraction
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struum. They are shiny, viscid in consistence, are visible to the
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The characters pertaining to the form of the pulse, as ascertained by
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necessary to determine where the tympanitic sound ceases inferiorly, by
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disease have been called, among the laity, by the com-
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maintenance of alkali reserve, which was very largely