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The water supply of Malta is drawn from two sources, the one for
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of cold air in typhoid fever.] Voyenno-med. J., St. Pe-
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idly absorbed from the mucous membrane of the stomach and
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by more or less dermatitis or inflammation of the mucous surfaces, and
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factory. This is a process, which cannot be entered
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head, that is in the oblique diameter of the pelvis. Here again
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pounded ice, or ice water, applied to the parts in a half-filled
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those secondary affections, wdiich in various circumstances are the oc-
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been produced by any projectile. (' Med. Gaz.' vol. 44, p. 767.)
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Pus. This is a white, or yellowish- white, creamy-looking
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class of midwives. One instance occurred at Chelsea, in July 1842, where,
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and better use of the limb would tend to strengthen and develop its
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more frequently in the brains of persons who have never been iname,
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knee-joint, which were performed at St. Bartholomew's Hospital
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The organ becomes very much darker in color, and to this condition the name
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puter. Finally, GM disconnects from the NLM computer,
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Roosevelt said that he had nothing to say as to the thera-
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I have mentioned these circumstances in regard to the production of
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redness and induration appeared over the pubes. There was a
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20, pulse 80, taken in same attitude. Fatient is fifty-nine
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crease of the pressure under which it strikes the skin,
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agraphia will be in the left hemisphere in right-handed and in the right
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dysesthesia of pruritus. It would seem not impossible
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program beds from the City of Tuscaloosa to the City of
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gested the removal of an additional portion of the left
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cord. The Weigert-Pal method of staining may reveal some evidence
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follicle very wide and filled with a mass of cells resulting from