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where low dilutions were used. Straub (4) ascribed the discrepancy in Griin-

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so favorably regarded by Drs. Albert Smith, Broomall,

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between their teeth : they even take up their dung and swallow

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vescence on November 6th until the close of December.

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Marini observes that among the methods used for attacking-

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longitudinal slit in the bowel closed by Lembert sutures.

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diversity of opinion, namely, final outcome after nerve suture; re-

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Thus far, as a rule, the efforts which have been made

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tion are very rare ; I have only observed one case. They are

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and a similar incision, parallel with this, is made about the same distance

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too great result cannot be remedied. But it is a matter of clinical

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that the anemia due to bothriocephalus is the result of hemolysis

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Med., Leipz,, 1870, vii, 155-182, Also, inhis: ties. Abhandl.,

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revised and much enlarged. Pp. xi., 740. Philadelphia: Lea Brothers

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ever, firmly believe that the day is not far distant

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IMay 2, in Mauritius, 3 plague cases occurred and 2 deaths.

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fects of tobacco and alcohol on the system, the nutritive value of cer-