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We are not here simply for the purpose of curing disease:

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likely that if the pyrexial attacks continued the child would

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Postoperative Epidural Analgesia — Mayfield et al

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cordance with my theory, while the brain is least active, so is

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But it is in the stage of collapse that I have seen

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church-yard, encompassed by its massive walls, was Hke a

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oat the entire extent of the corneal portion of the wound.

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was not present in the urine. We cannot enter into par-

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ordinary diet. Albumin was distinct with picric acid

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epileptic attack. The patient is able to watch the progress of

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complexion, and with noble and expressive features.

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art, correcting errors in medical practice and establishing a high stand-

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that flows into the mouth. Some years ago a man was brought to

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