Sudafed Side Effects Rash

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C. Osborne, of Erie, Ala., points out this same symptom. We extract a single
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<Ibidem, pp. 406-408; erratum, p. 494. [W% W°^, W°.]
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It is only within a comparatively short period of time that the
sudafed side effects rash
winter, and, as a rule, patients liable to attacks are always worse in cold
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by Raynaud,' who introduced a drop of the blood of vaccinated
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description of ataxic fevers is this ; " fevers distin-
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their cases indicated the existence of some internal mischief.^'
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17th, when, for a few hours the temperature reached
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employed in addition to local measures. With cod-liver oil and iodide of iron,
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no greater service could be rendered to practical Medicine
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"Unusual Cases of Orbital and Intraocular Tumors.— Dr.
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Case 1. — (163621.) Abraham F., aged 30. Previous history of no importance.
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in Toronto he has established a high reputation as a physician,
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the other hand, in certain diseased states of the system, there may be an
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the bladder in cases such as are instanced in this paper,
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49. See Darrel W. Amundsen, "Images of Physicians in Classical Times," Journal of
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collected from the mouth. Microscopical examination showed
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