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either resident or found within the limits of any of the places

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moving car, by which the pelvis had been fractured on the right

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upper side, and are sewed over to the deep shelving of Poupart's liga-

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just issued this subject naturally receives some attention.

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Vegetable ceisein (legumin) exists chiefly in peas, beans, etc. ; it

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who makes it, when a proper examination of his notes would, in general

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of hospitals for the insane, which are second to none

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view is strengthened by the observation that after inoculation into

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affection is bilateral it is easier to form an opinion than when it is uni-

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when she had a paralysis of the left motor oculi and paresis of

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a trip to England and the Continent. He spent a good portion

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Anat. Second edition. Philadelphia, 1851. (From Dr. Horner.)

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state to institute such means for the protection of their citizens

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the individual becomes incapable of opposing the morbid influ-

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5. Belapses. — But the return of the temperature to normal is not neces-

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This toxic hepatitis, as I have said, occurs early and is accompanied

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13. MussEY.— Tieatment of Chronic Cystitis by the

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tions which must take place in order to this result are accomplished

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reous chamber, with its yellowish color, bloodvessels

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Tilton, Lieutenant-Colonel Henry R., deputy surgeon-general,

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ances of the greatest possible value where inflammation is

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it be the great pox." And Sir John then further laid

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not constant, and the localization takes place without order and without

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tainty of an abscess or contusion should be operated on. To

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of the same must be considered the fundamental cause of deafness for words

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no faith in Keeley cure, writes : *' Let those who are fighting

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