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All the cases were of saccular aneurysm, but in no less than sixteen there

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16 mg suboxone a day

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sidering the fact that she was then four months pregnant,

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after the diagnosis was made; while of the remainder, 3

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President of the Association of Medical OfRcers of the Army

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tration fee $40. For information contact: Bond L. Bible, Ph.D., Department of Rural

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Typhoid Spine. The so-called "typhoid spine" is an-

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and we eat more because we have nothing else to do, and being the only source of

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Journ.," March 20, 1897 ; 9" Practitioner," March, 1897; '°"Brit. Med.

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caliber of the veins is irregular. As a general rule

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1863.] MoEHRiNG and Van Pelt, Case of Premature Labour, 6t

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grating process set up by the septic contamination;

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