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growth is disappointing, as a certain amount of moisture is necessary.

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the first rib and nearer to the posterior than the an-

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of dysentery — ulcerations, sloughing, sphacelus — do not occur in enteritis.

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through the uretlira; it was nursing well and the wound was

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from 10 fc to 40 % of the mothers, and that the prospect

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Another lady stenographer, who also attended the same phone,

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mentary degeneration," or brown atrophy : but there was not any abnormal

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England, B.S., 1983. Intemship/residency, University of

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the left kidney was found to be swollen and very tense. It was

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titis with pyuria, and especially in the young, as tuberculosis of the

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would be indicated, but these, I think, must be few.

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and sometimes in another, coming into and loitering about his room. These

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Mayo claims that the average gain m g^pp^rative cholecystitis only appears sev-

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three years. Her ovarian trouble is cured, and there is no great

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disease, or for affections of the heart, of about 4 per cent. That

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prescribing, and insisted, in contradiction to Sydenham, that the " fewer

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fication of contaminated waters, especially in connection with military

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or by disease, and, after death, the epithelium of the air-cells in

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Dr. William C. Evans, of Erie, Pa., died May 6th, at

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has been recommended by the surgeon general. The scope

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prolonged for years. If it becomes necessary to remove some of the

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difificult to think consecutively upon any subject."

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exertion, and who take far more nutriment than their system

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Par.,,1893, vii, 331-339. — Panum (P ) Nogle Bema^rk-

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the sympathetic and great solar plexus. A sudden fall of blood-

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wMi the general prostration, rendering tiiem inci^Aiile of

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with the finger than healthy lung, and hence, is said to be more frinble.


me, having now a much larger tumefaction under the cicatrix

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1895, xviii, 170. — Tsc-lic-rniiig. La suvcorreclion accom-

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gallon and the latter one part in 50,000, would cause any in-

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Charles Phelps, M. D., Demonstrator of Anatomy, and Curator of the Hospital

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and forty grains should be accepted as dangerous, and one hundred and eighty