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remedy. Counter-irritation on the epigastrium, by means of blisters or
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remove any wrong impressions that may have been received, in
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by the maternal blood for their destruction. He thinks the symptoms
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the above remarkable results before we reconunend moth-
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the clinical picture accompanying these is described as a
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Causes. — Among the predisposing causes may be placed, in-
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period there was nothing specially noteworthy about the leucocytes,
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membranous tube, due to intra-abdominal pressure. In the living it
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Rockefeller Institute for Medical Res3arch, New York)
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lilted. Thus various alkalies and diluents have been applied, llie
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the temporosphenoidal lobe. The vessels to the deeper structures are
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the abdominal viscera, the liver is the one of which the diseases
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■on late, but sometimes manifesting itself at an early period. The most
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LIRIUM. Delirium appears to be the final common path-
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poultice, flaxseed tea or cream of tartar lemonade, as well as
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author includes the spirillum of relapsing fever and Schaudinn's organ-
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transparent, and viscid; and, in a certain pro|jortion of cases, it soon assumes
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tilism ; excessive action of the anterior lobe of the pituitary body caused
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and observations by, Valentine Mott, M. L»., etc. Fourth edition, with
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own welfare nor to that of the community — well, there were
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accepted by the surgeons to-day. This is the ideal case for that
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ing pain. The best manner of using it is the hypodermic injection of