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the calibre of the canal at this point to 23 F. Lower
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pain in the intercostal nerves, and the diagnosis may require great care,
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The temperature was 95°, and before we could do any-
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the apyretic periods disappear. Here the height of the fever is
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interesting observations on this subject, based on tabular statements from
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hood of a laceration or division of the cord, evidently
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The Surgeon General directs me to acknowledge receipt, by reference from
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colon are still often forgotten structures. The mind
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The author, who is Professor of Anatomy in the University
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silver nitrate (ten grains to the ounce) has been applied
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York City milk as high as 85,200,000, Londcm milk 31,888,000. In
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substance ; but in entering the latter the several canals, hitherto running
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necessary work at his vacated domicile. These officials are not, in
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inhibitory fibres of the vagus. Tachycardia is also a marked symptom in
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chills, but neuralgia is about as severe as at time of admission. Ordered a
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disease of the kidney is invariably due to disease of the arteries, but
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of collodionized iodoform or iodoform ointment (1-15) not only stopped
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4. To stimulate the heart, respiration and nervous func-
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ment as contrasted with those of the earlier period of antitetanic serum arc in
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Further experiments in the cultivation of P. falciparwni and P. vivax
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xv, 261). A man of 50 was admitted to the Massachusetts Charitable Eye and
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by Drs. Beatty and Davies. The latter gentleman gives
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4.25 P.M. Injected slowly per jugular vein the distilled water of the dia-
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were sound and good. All the finger-nails and the big toe-nails were dis-
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and Laurent. However, even if diminished globular resistance were a
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Serous membrane forms a covering or coat to the organs of the
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the skin therefore, which appears inclined to increase or to become
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he becomes acclimated, immobilization and extension will
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fractures of thigl),are very loose in method. The patho-
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the most frequently successful movement seems to be pro-
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This is particularly the case in youth, and up to the fortieth year; whilst in later
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partamento do Loire Inf'ei ior, e <le suas moles-
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5. Exhaustion — collapse obtained, but patient too near