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day and night. In order to characterize the severity of the

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found presenting in the vagina, and the os about half dilated ; but

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was previously supposed, is very doubtful. Sir Thomas Watson relates a

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against established spiritual and intellectual "author-

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show that the disease is of central origin, and that the spinal

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peritoneal cavity is opened at the upper angle of the

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considerable loss of recollection. He then complained of headache, and after

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coma. Post-mortem examination of the brain in such cases dis-

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within nine days of operation. While the statistics are too few to warrant a

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salvarsan enters the arachnoid space only observed by the author; he admits, how-

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the General Council may encourage medical students to

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is to be taken in a conventional, not a literal sense. It is obviously incor-

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were two distinct sets of lesions. That which predomi-

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office schedules or vacations might interfere with voting in the primary

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find groups of a special type characterised by mental peculiarities

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Fergus (F.) The treatment of injuries of the eyeball,

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idiot. At a later period it may die suddenly, from little or no obvious cause.

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Anuria is one of the most alarming and serious symptoms which

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fever is connected with it, then a miliary eruption may be united with

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the air contained in the pulmonary alveoli. The action of

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The Clinical Wards in which Bright carried out his observations were two,

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yet suffice to produce contraction and consequent lessening of the size

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would suffer intensely at the menstrual time, and after having been

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must take aU the consequences-good or bad. JNo oP^ation

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zinc sulphate, about 5 grains to the ounce, can be used. Where

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clear in regard to its action on the digestive organs, and

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18'8 per cent, of all admitted. Excluding the twelve cases not

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when there are no signs indicating the position of the abscess