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mother, is worthy of trial. This consists in passing

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the phonograph is made to record many of the character-

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New York ; Tri-States Medical Association (Port Jervis) ;

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were sclerotic and stiff. The anterior surface of both forearms was swollen

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ing from pericarditis. Injected intravenously into rabbits it reproduces

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first by the white buck a single time, then a single time by the tawny

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nevertheless, that, efficiency considered, these capsules are the

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Not infrequently, death occiu-s by suffocation in the middle of a

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a firm thrombus. The posterior subarachnoid space was full of turbid fluid.

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ulated investigation as to the pathologic relation of the spleen to other

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doses of ninety drops thrice daily. The supply of this drug for use

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N. Y.) said that abdominal surgery became imperative and

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Thls slim volume deals with the three subjects mentioned in

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Whatever treatment may be adopted in pneumonia, attention to diet is of prime m-

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the pathology and therapeutics of the female, some Important additions have

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this meeting. It seems to me that every physician in the state ought to be

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fibrillation of the human heart is "a condition in w^hich the

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terized throughout by surgical judgment, anatomical

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the gelatin will not diffuse through the membrane, but, owing

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University, Montreal, Canada ; Fellow of the Obstetrical Society,

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It cannot, therefore, longer be said, that surgery cannot be prac-

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Potomac River water were completed. The results were

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of observation, more correct, indeed, though done some fifty years earlier, than many by Vesa-

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and can be obtained throus-h the surscical instrument dealers.

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the third dorsal vertebra to its entrance into the abdominal

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i the normal arching of the spine in a healthy person, which can be voluntarily eflaced

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or later, however, consciousness slowly returns ; he opens his eyes and

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